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Introduction: Utyer
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TOPIC: Introduction: Utyer

Introduction: Utyer 2 years, 7 months ago #9417

  • utyer
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I am a long time tyer (started in 1955,) and long time angler. Back in the 50s we lived on Long Island, and went upstate every summer. We fished for anything we could catch. No one in the family was fly fishing in those days, but I discovered a box of feathers, hooks and tools and a Herters Catalog. I started tying to copy the patterns in the catalog. I learned later that most of the stuff we had was for tying shad darts, and bass bugs, I wasn''t too sucessful. After a few months, I put the stuff away.

In 57 we moved to Utah, and we continued to camp and fish in the mountians. For a few years, we didn't do to much fishing, and still nothing with the fly rod. Back in those days you could still fish Yellowstone with spinning gear, and we did that. In the summer of 66, I went up to Jackson Hole, and met up with a friend who was running a float trip on the Snake. He needed a second boatman, and I took the job. Wayne (my boss,) soon had me out in the afternoons fishing, and he taught me to fish with the fly rod.

In those days, we were buying flies for 50 to 55 cents each at Carmichaels shop in Moose. I started thinking about the fly tying stuff back in Salt Lake, and when I returned home in the fall, I dug it out. All the feathers, and furs had been lost to virmen, but the Thompson vise and other tools were still there. I found a copy of the Wise Fisherman's Encyclopedia, and started hitting the sporting goods stores in SLC (there were two,) they each had a small assortment of basic materials. I started that fall teaching myself how to tie flies. By the next summer, I had a "kit" that would fill a picnic basket, and it went to Jackson with me and the flies I had tied during the winter.

My poor efforts didn't look like much, but they did catch fish. I haven't purchased a fly to fish with since. The next summer, my mother got me a copy of J Edson Leonards FLIES. It became my "bible," and I still have it and several hundred other books of fly tying and fly fishing. I was "lucky" enought to start working for some of the sporting goods stores in SLC, and spent 25 years in the tackle business. I still got out fishing two evenings a week, and usually both days on the weekend.

The last 15 years, I have been working in the information techology field, after a return to school. Still tying, and still fishing. My first issue of Fly Tyer is Volume One Issue Two Summer 1978, and somewhere I have a copy of Volume One Issue One. I collected most of these early magazines on trips through the west with my mother and stepl dad. We would hunt them up in any fly shop we came across. These were back in the days when Dick Surette was Editor/Publisher.

Given the fact that I learned to fly fish in Jackson Hole, and started tying to fish that area, I stared by tying mostly trout flies. Later while working in thackle shops and fly shops, I tied hundreds of custom orders. I tied Steelead flies Alaskan Salmon patterns, Bonefish flies, and warm water patterns. These days I will tie anything that strikes my fancy, but still my first love is trout fly tying. I am a charter member of the FFTC (Frugal Fly Tyers Club,) and will be glad to join the Old Farts Club (if they will have me, I am after all a card carryin senior of 67.)

If anyone is still reading, I still get to Utah at least twice a year, to visit friends and family and fish. I am doing more fishing back here in PA now that I have retired, but my house seems to have other ideas. Sage piece of advise NEVER buy a hundred year old house. I just spent the last month re-building a new carport, that and my last trip (July,) to Utah have kept me off the boards for a while.

Tight Lines

"We have met the enemy, and he is us." Pogo by Walt Kelly
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Re: Introduction: 2 years, 7 months ago #9419

  • jeffro
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  • Posts: 790
Hello there Charlee sound like a kind person from what I just read.
Hope ya stick around Sir.

Re: Introduction: 2 years, 7 months ago #9422

  • DMac
  • Moderator
  • Posts: 3758
Great introduction Charlie, with 25 great helpful posts under your belt, many folks will be pleased to read your story. Things like this makes us closer. Thank you
David Mac

Re: Introduction: Utyer 2 years, 7 months ago #9428

  • Senior Boarder
  • Posts: 79
Welcome aboard Charlie, I found many old farts have wisdom ,Not a bad thing at all!!!!

Re: Introduction: Utyer 2 years, 7 months ago #9434

  • kelkay
  • Platinum Boarder
  • Posts: 3040
Very interesting story Charlee. You have been in this so much longer than I have. I started fly tying, and fly fishing 3 and a half years ago. (I am 51) I have been fishing though since I was about 3. My dad started me out on a cane pole catching sunfish, and crappie. I then graduated to a Zebco, and thought I hit the big leagues. In my early twenties I went to spinning gear. Then when I was in my forties, I went for a baitcaster, and spinning gear. In my late 40's I finally found the obsession in fly tying, and fly fishing. (although I do pick up the conventional gear now and then) I bet you have some great stories to tell. I like to learn from people. It is good to have you with us.
Now just to get my flies to do what my mind imagines...

Re: Introduction: Utyer 2 years, 7 months ago #9451

Charlie....a great legacy and great to have you as a regular here.

Maybe we'll share some PA water.

See you on the water!

Re: Introduction: Utyer 2 years, 7 months ago #9497

Welcome to the site, Charlie. It sounds as if you have quite a bit of experience in the tying feild. Glad to have you here.

Re: Introduction: Utyer 2 years, 7 months ago #9565

  • lykos33
  • Fresh Boarder
  • Posts: 2
Welcome Utyer....ya look familiar..LOL! You know the problem with being on more than one forum with a fairly new tier and fisher? You are going to be inundated with questions as the wise sage and source of all knowledge fly related...I promise to try to keep my queries to a minimum..
I'll fish for anything!!

Re: Introduction: Utyer 2 years, 7 months ago #9573

  • utyer
  • Platinum Boarder
  • Posts: 380
What ever I have learned over the years, I am more than happy to share. One thing I have learned I will share now. In fly tying, you never stop learning.
"We have met the enemy, and he is us." Pogo by Walt Kelly
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